Hindu Ceremony Held In Damphu

March 19, 2010

Author: Tashi Dema

Source: Kuensel Online


It is the first biggest Hindu religious ceremony, the Shri Mudh Bhagwat Puran, organised by Hindu dharma foundation of Bhutan, which drew some 1,500 people to the otherwise restful Hindu-Buddhist temple in Damphu.

The ceremony is quite different in that it begins with yoga classes in the morning and cultural programmes in the evening. 

The six-day ceremony will promote and preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage and pray for peace, prosperity and the well being of the country, its king and people.

An executive member of the foundation, Pundit Dr PL Nirola, who is also a member of choedey lhentshog, said that, through the ceremony, religious morals and principles will be imparted to common people.

“We’ll recite religious epics like Bhagwat Mahapuran,” he said. The epic, he explained would educate people on the importance of being a good human being and teach the basic principles of dharma. “Love, compassion and unity are its main principles,” he said.