Hindu Centre Under Attack

September 17, 2008

Author: William Mace

Source: Manukau Courier


Members of the Hindu Heritage Centre in Mangere are fed up with repeated vandalism and what they feel is a lack of police concern about it.

The Gadsby Rd centre has been under weekly attack from neighbourhood vandals who break windows, spray graffiti and enter the property unlawfully.

Hindu Social Services Foundation manager Amita Karandikar has reported three instances of wilful damage to police since late June which have been recorded and investigated.

She says the police who attended the last callout indicated they would not return for similar calls because the centre is insured.

But Mangere community constable Nico Ng Wun says the Manukau Courier’s inquiries are the first he’s heard of any problems at the centre.

He has visited in the past and says he’s more than willing to help.

"It saddens me that they’re saying the police are not willing to do anything about it because we’re quite willing to help," says Mr Ng Wun.