Hindu Celebration at Temple Turns into Massacre

December 16, 2005

Source: The News International


On December 16, 2005 The News International reported, "The small shrine to the Hindu goddess Devi was splattered with human blood on Thursday after a soldier went on an apparently drunken shooting rampage, killing 11 people and then himself. Fires still smouldered around the temple against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains in the village of Nagarkot, where about 500 villagers had gathered for the full moon festival of Yomari Punhi late on Wednesday. 'While everyone was dancing and music was playing, some kind of argument broke out between a soldier and some local boys,' said an 18-year-old student who asked not to be named for fear of army repercussions. 'The fight was broken up but the soldier came back shortly after and started shooting everybody.' Around 15 minutes later, 11 people lay dead inside the temple, and the soldier had apparently shot himself."