Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim Groups Deplore Cartoons and Violence

February 9, 2006

Source: Channel News Asia


On February 9, 2006 Channel News Asia reported, "Three religious bodies in Singapore have released a joint statement condemning the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed that appeared in the Danish and other media.

Jamiyah Singapore, Singapore Buddhist Lodge and the Hindu Endowments Board say they are 'shocked by the insensitive caricatures'.

They say publication of the caricatures has caused severe hurt to the sensitivity of Muslims all over the world.

And this act of press freedom without the attendant responsibility is deplorable.

But at the same time they describe the extreme emotional reactions as 'equally deplorable'.

The statement says Singapore is fortunate to have a responsible press and responsible government, mindful of the sensitivities of people belonging to different races and faiths.

The three religious groups are of the strong opinion that people have no right to incite violence or pour ridicule on other people's beliefs and should be mindful of cultural sensitivities."