Hate Mail Stuffed With Pork Sent to Muslims

September 28, 2004

Source: stuff/The Dominion Post


On September 28, 2004 The Dominion Post reported, "Racist hate letters, some stuffed with pieces of pork, are being sent to Wellington Muslims. Community leaders say the campaign may be designed to fuel racial tensions between Jews and Muslims. Police are investigating the letters, which follow two recent anti-Semitic attacks in the city. The letters have been sent mainly to Somali families in Miramar. One contained a cartoon showing pigs carrying a coffin saying: 'Muhammad the Pig's Funeral.' Next to the word funeral is scrawled in Arabic the word 'Amen'. Another contained a score card of conflicts between Israel and Islam since 1948 – and the message: 'Get out of Israel Islamic pigs.' Wellington Somali Council vice-chairman Adam Awad said though the letters, which started arriving late last month, appeared to be the work of Jews, he suspected they were from someone trying to create tensions between the two groups. 'I believe these haven't come from the Jewish community in Wellington. We know the Jewish community in Wellington, we are friends.'"