Hate Crime Victim Seeks to Educate Community About Sikhism

June 29, 2006

Source: Sikh Sangat News


On June 29, 2006 Sikh Sangat News reported, "In a follow-up news report to the Hate Crime on a Placentia Sikh family, Arinder Chadha (the victim) states after the September 11 terrorist attacks, he found it harder to leave his house wearing a turban.

Chadha, who practices Sikhism, became a target for discrimination aimed at Muslims, so he began helping to organize events and forums to teach people about the difference between the religions.

Last week, Chadha found a pornographic drawing on his driveway that insidiously ridiculed the Sikh identity.

Chadha as a result reached out to his Placentia community to teach his neighbors more about Sikhism. He has also requested a meeting with police to help them understand his religion." The victims have been involved in educating the public about Sikhism through the California Sikh Council and interfaith activities for the last four years. The family was also involved in similar activities when they lived in New York.