Hate Crime Forum Aims To Involve All As Activists

April 14, 2008

Author: Katie Warchut

Source: The Day


Following reports of nooses being left as symbols of hate around the state and nation, Connecticut librarians were challenged to begin a dialogue about hate crimes.

Betty Anne Reiter, head of adult services for the Groton Public Library said a librarian from Wilton had done just that, launching “Operation Respect” after authorities discovered racist and homophobic slurs defacing lockers at the high school there several years ago.

“Libraries are open to everybody, and all kinds of people come here,” Reiter said, making them an ideal place to take on such a role.

Southeastern Connecticut is home to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, which dealt with its own incidents of nooses left in a cadet's personal belongings and in a staff member's office. New London and Tourtellotte high schools have also run into some racial tensions at sporting events.