Hasidic Jews At Odds with Neighbors over Plans to Build Complex

June 17, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On June 17, 2001, The New York Times reported on Rabbi Geisinsky, who "directs Chabad of Great Neck, the local branch of a Hasidic Jewish group that focuses on outreach and education." To meet the huge turnout of worshippers, Chabad of Great Neck bought a waterfront property in Kings Point, New York, to build a synagogue on. "But then a group of neighbors who opposed the plan got organized, and...became the Peninsula Environmental Conservancy. They hired a legal team, a traffic analyst, an environmental consultant and a public relations adviser...The Peninsula Environmental Conservancy says it is concerned about rainwater running off the roof of the complex and its parking lot and into Long Island Sound." The synagogue "maintains that what the naysayers don't want in their backyards is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community."