Harvard's Interfaith Council Builds New Bridges

February 14, 2005

Source: The Harvard Crimson


On February 14, 2005 The Harvard Crimson reported, "members of Harvard’s Interfaith Council met in Quincy House yesterday for the year’s first meeting. Approximately 20 students representing undergraduate religious groups, faculty, and administrators met last night to discuss how the Harvard College Interfaith Council (HCIC) could bring together the disparate religious groups on campus. HCIC leaders convened the group to strategize ways the group could become a more stable and significant presence on campus. To ensure the sustainability of HCIC, Nura A. Hossainzadeh ’06, the group’s co-chair and also a Crimson editor, asked organizations to nominate official representatives to regularly attend HCIC meetings... Diana L. Eck, professor of comparative religion and Indian studies and director of the Pluralism Project, voiced her enthusiasm for building deeper understandings of each other across faiths and celebrating the 'dignity of difference' in a world where religion has become a divisive issue."