Harvard Student Allowed to Wear Kirpan

August 8, 2006

Source: 999 Today


On August 8, 2006 999 Today reported, "Harvard University has returned a Sikh student's kirpan (sword) as a result of the Sikh Coalition's intervention.

The student, Navdeep Singh, had voluntarily given his kirpan to a university administrator who requested that the administration be able to keep it while the university determined whether he would able to wear it on campus.

The student's kirpan was returned to him within hours after the Sikh Coalition's intervention.

Navdeep Singh, a Harvard Summer School student, contacted the coalition on July 6 because an assistant dean requested that he provide Harvard documentation on the religious nature of his kirpan and any legal authority supporting his right to carry it.

The coalition's legal director provided Singh with the coalition’s now standard twenty-eight page compilation of legal argument and precedent on the kirpan and the right to carry it. Navdeep in turn submitted the coalition's document to his assistant dean."