Hare Krishna Moves Mainstream

March 19, 2004

Source: The Dallas Morning News


On March 19, 2004 The Dallas Morning News reported, "Today's Hare Krishna is far more likely to live and work outside the temple, be married with a family, and dress in clothes from Brooks Brothers or L.L. Bean. Most North American temples are heavily Indian – a sign, many say, that the Krishna movement has gained respectability among worshippers from the birthplace of Hinduism. But these are only the most noticeable differences to have taken place through the decades. Leaders and scholars of the movement describe a religion that is maturing, one that is part of, rather than apart from, mainstream American life. Once known for their enthusiastic – many would say annoying – proselytizing, Hare Krishnas today speak of tending to the needs of existing members. Once a haven for the anti-establishment, the movement today trains temple leaders in such worldly concerns as fiscal management and administration. In the early days,'most of the emphasis was placed on expanding the mission,'said Premananda Dasa, congregational director of the Boston temple. 'Right now our primary emphasis is more liturgical and pastoral.'"