Hare Krishna Lifestyle Wins over Initially Reluctant GLC Participants

October 23, 2007

Source: The Post


Pushing the strange yellow and red foods around their plates, the students whined and grumbled — “This food is gross,” “It’s weird here,” “I’m hung over.” These complaints could have come from any freshmen over lackluster dining hall food on a Saturday afternoon.

But the food was traditional Indian fare, not burgers. Vegetarian, not fried. The students weren’t freshmen. They were members of Ohio University’s Global Leadership Center. And huddled around their plates as the wind whipped autumn’s first fallen leaves around them, they were certainly a long way from the dining hall.

GLC traveled three and a half hours last weekend through the multicolored autumnal Appalachian hills to visit New Vrindaban, a Hare Krishna farm — or an oasis or an amusement park, depending on whom you ask.