Happy Holidays: Board Overturns Committee Decision

December 1, 2009

Author: Erika Jacobson Moore

Source: Leesburg Today


Taking the Grinch out of Loudoun's holiday season, the Board of Supervisors today voted to overturn the decision of the Courthouse Grounds and Facility Task Force to prohibit displays of all kinds on the grounds of the historic courthouse in Leesburg.

The decision to allow all religious displays on the government property, pending "review and approval" by the board, is the culmination of a week of outcry from the public and many community organizations.

The decision of the committee was first brought to light last Tuesday when the Rotary Club of Leesburg learned it would not be able to put up a Christmas tree at the courthouse as it has for almost 50 years. The board-appointed courthouse committee met Nov. 24 to make its final decision.

Since then the public has become outraged by the decision, with more than 800 residents signing a e-petition opposing the action and dozens of residents coming out to address the Board of Supervisors Monday night.