Happy Holi Day for Hindus With Splash Of Color In New York

March 15, 2009

Author: Nicole Lyn Pesce

Source: New York Daily News


It's the one time of the year in New York you can toss colorful powder in a stranger's face and not get a fat lip for it.

About 200 people Saturday packed the Peking, a ship docked at the South Street Seaport to celebrate Holi - the Hindu festival of colors.

Balling fistfuls of powder - purple, red, kelly green and electric blue - participants tossed the contents into faces and bodies to celebrate life and love. It's called a Rang Barse party, which translates to "rain of color."

"This is a festival that everyone looks forward to," said organizer RoHiKa Hardas, director of IN Group. "It's a reason to eat and dance and to add color to your life for the rest of the year."

Bowls of dry gulal powder - similar to talcum powder - were scattered around the main deck of the ship in vibrant colors. The eager guests raced toward the bowls and started smearing each other with the bold hues.