Hamtramck Residents Will Vote on Call to Prayer

May 27, 2004

Source: The Associated Press


On May 27, 2004 The Associated Press reported, " A noise-ordinance change that would allow mosques to broadcast calls to prayer on loudspeakers will be put to a citywide vote after opponents gathered hundreds of petition signatures. The more than 630 signatures submitted to the city clerk's office were enough to force the City Council to rescind the amended ordinance or put it to a vote. 'We decided not to rescind the amendment, so it goes to the ballot,' council president Karen Majewski said Tuesday night. The council had voted unanimously last month to allow the Bangladeshi Al-Islah Mosque to broadcast the call to prayer five times a day. The issue has divided this blue-collar city of 23,000, which once was overwhelmingly Polish and Roman Catholic but now has a sizable Muslim population."