Habitat for Humanity Brings Together Four Faiths for Work, Visits to Houses of Worship in Dayton

July 19, 2005

Source: Dayton Daily News


On July 19, 2005 the Dayton Daily News reported, "On June 5, Dayton Habitat staffers, the White family [a single mother caring for 9 children in Dayton's Hilltop Projects] and members of Interfaith Ministers for Reconciliation (IMFR) gathered... to perform a ground-blessing at the site where the family's new Habitat house will be constructed. The project has been given the green light by IMFR's Interfaith Build Committee, and if the requisite financial support falls into place, the family will be in its new 1,400-square-foot Harrison Twp. home by Christmas. Habitat for Humanity, founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller, is a nonprofit, ecumenical, Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness... Members of IMFR are from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Bahai faiths. As a Habitat partner family, White and her children were obligated to visit members of each faith."