Habitat for Humanity Brings Together Four Faiths for Work, Visits to Houses of Worship in Dayton

July 16, 2005

Source: Dayton Daily News


On July 16, 2005 the Dayton Daily News reported, "On June 5, Dayton Habitat staffers... and members of Interfaith Ministers for Reconciliation (IMFR) gathered... to perform a ground-blessing at the site where [a] new Habitat house will be constructed... Members of IMFR are from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Bahai faiths. As a Habitat partner family, [Shirley] White and her children were obligated to visit members of each faith. After trips to the Dayton Mosque... and the Dayton Baha'i Center... the family visited Temple Beth Or... where they met the synagogue's ebullient senior rabbi, Judith Chessin... 'This interfaith build is a good thing because it ties the community together,' [Chessin said], 'One of the earlier interfaith builds ended up isolating people by faith communities because our sabbaths didn't bring us together... One of the goals for this build is to find mutual times to bring people together and actually create something.'