Growth of Interfaith Marriage

June 24, 2004

Source: Beliefnet

On June 24, 2004 Beliefnet reported, "As Hindus marry those of other faiths, the ceremonies are often vibrant examples of mix and match. If someone had told Steven Fleming, an Irish Catholic, that one day he'd be wearing a bright pink turban and silken kurta pajamas while dancing a Punjabi folk dance at his wedding, he would have said, 'You must be joking!' And if someone had told Gurpreet Bajaj, a devout Sikh, that she would be marrying someone outside her religion, she would not have believed it either. 'I never thought I'd ever marry a non-Sikh at all. It would be just too complicated,' says Gurpreet. But Steven and Gurpreet fell in love, and the unbelievable and the complicated became part of their lives... Indeed, as the Indian-American community has burgeoned in the U.S., many of the children of immigrants have come of age, and wedding fever is on. Increasingly, couples are crossing religious and racial divides."