Group Seeks Unity, Peace

September 19, 2008

Author: Matt Johnson

Source: OCOLLY

Faith often divides friends, families and nations because they believe their faiths are incompatible.

Too many times people look at what is different about religions and never look at what could unite them.

The Institute of Interfaith Dialogue wants to change all of that one dinner at a time.

The IID seeks to promote the interfaith doctrines of Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish Muslim who started a major interfaith movement called the Gülen Movement.

On Thursday night, the IID held the Sixth Annual Interfaith Dialogue Dinner at the Student Union Ballroom to help people look at what could unite those of different faiths.

The dinners are held all over the U.S. and all take place during Ramadan.

Many key, yet diverse, members of the area attended, ranging from preachers, members of the Interfaith, rabbis, professors and members of government.

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