Group Says Removal of Cross from School's "Hot Cross Buns" Was "Nonsensical"

February 7, 2006

Source: The Evening Star

On February 7, 2006 The Evening Star reported, "A Suffolk race equality group today said taking the crosses off hot cross buns was “nonsensical”. Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) said the move by The Oaks Primary School 'undermines other, more important, measures to reflect diversity' - and pointed out that many religious minorities are not offended by Christian symbols. As first revealed in The Evening Star on Saturday, The Oaks' headteacher Tina Jackson asked suppliers to remove the cross from their hot cross buns. Miss Jackson said the cross - which recognises the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ - has been removed as a mark of respect towards their Jehovah's Witness pupils. But race equality officer Gita Banerji said: 'My experience shows me that most people, regardless of faith or background, do not support these measures and are baffled by the controversy. Several religious groups, like Muslims, Baha'is, Hindus and Sikhs, would recognise Jesus or his teachings as being worthy of respect. In some countries, like India, people are used to living alongside and celebrating and sharing in each other's festivals.'"