Greensboro Buddhists Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday

May 30, 2005

Source: News-Record

On May 30, 2005 the News-Record reported, "the ceremony at the Buddhist temple off Holden Road drew about 300 people Sunday. Although the average weekly attendance is about 75 people, this event drew Vietnamese from throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Buddha’s birthday is the Buddhist equivalent of Christmas. In addition to New Year’s Day and Parent’s Day, Buddha’s birthday is one of the most celebrated holidays among the Vietnamese Buddhist community. Some of the women wore traditional Vietnamese clothing called ao-dai — loose-fitting pants and sheer, long-sleeved tunics that fall below the knees. A few Buddhists wore the traditional gray ao-trang, a plain tunic some devout worshippers do so as not to distract others with their clothing. But some of the younger Buddhists chanted their prayers in low-rise jeans and halter tops."