Government Unveils Plan to Deport Supporters of Terrorism

August 25, 2005

Source: The Boston Globe/Washington Post

On August 25, 2005 the Washington Post reported, "People who 'foment, justify, or glorify terrorist violence' will be deported and banned from Britain under guidelines released yesterday by the country's top law enforcement official. Home Secretary Charles Clarke outlined new guidelines in the most detailed explanation to date of proposals announced earlier this month by Prime Minister Tony Blair. On the new list of 'unacceptable behaviors' is using websites, writing, preaching, publishing, or distributing materials that 'seek to provoke others to terrorist acts' or 'foster hatred.' 'Individuals who seek to create fear, distrust and division in order to stir up terrorist activity will not be tolerated by the government or by our communities,' Clarke said in a statement. The measures are a direct result of last month's subway and train bombings in London, which killed 56 people, including four presumed bombers, and injured 700. While human rights activists and others have criticized the measures, polls have shown overwhelming public support for tightening laws against religious extremism, even if that means limits on free speech and other civil liberties in a nation with a long tradition of tolerance."