Government Study Finds Hindus Best Money Managers

April 1, 2006

Source: DNA India

On April 1, 2006 DNA India reported, "Hindus are the best managers of their personal finances and are closely followed by Sikhs says an official government study looking into the financial capabilities of households in Britain. The largest ever survey of consumer attitudes to money in Britain threw up the unexpected results and puzzled researchers. The study was carried out by Personal Finance Research Centre at the University of Bristol on behalf of the Financial Services Authority, a government body, which was looking predominantly at age and type of households i.e. single parent, two-parent etc. and how they dealt with their finances. However the small print on those quizzed generated a wealth of fascinating information including that Hindus were far above average at managing their money. A sample 6,000 people were surveyed from all walks of life and communities throughout Britain and special weighting was given to representation from the ethnic minorities equal to their numbers in society."