Government to Run Ads on Racial and Religious Tolerance

February 23, 2006

Source: Herald Sun,5478,18237489%255E2862,00.html

On February 23, 2006 the Herald Sun reported, "The Bracks Government is to spend more taxpayers' money on advertising -- this time a $260,000 blitz on racial and religious tolerance. The Herald Sun believes the 'Just Like You', TV, radio and print media campaign will be launched between the Commonwealth Games and the November 25 state election. The plan has been attacked by the Opposition as yet another politically motivated campaign by the Bracks Government using taxpayers' money. The Government has received more than 5000 letters since introducing its controversial racial and religious tolerance laws in 2003, with the vast majority opposed. Opposition youth spokesman Nick Kotsiras attacked the planned ads as nothing more than a political campaign to calm tensions ahead of the election and planned amendments to the laws. Mr Kotsiras said he believed the campaign was designed to counter strong community opposition to the laws and would be aimed particularly at young people. 'This only illustrates this Government's inability to deal with the cultural differences that exist here in Victoria,' he said."