Government Officials May Have Had Information on Terrorist Plot Months, Years in Advance

June 11, 2006

Source: Daily Times

On June 11, 2006 the Daily Times reported, "The 17 Canadian males, five of them minors, arrested on terror charges appear to have been 'manipulated' by one or more agent provocateurs from the Canadian security services, according to one commentator. Keith Jones, writing for the World Socialists Website (WSWS) on Saturday, asks why Canada's security forces allowed the alleged Toronto terror plot to take shape and grow over many months, even years, and why they did so with the approval of their political superiors. The record of Canada's police-security forces strongly suggests that the alleged terrorists, almost all of them young men and boys, were manipulated by one or more agent provocateurs, Jones writes. Since last Saturday, the minority Conservative government, the CSIS [Canadian Security and Intelligence Service], the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and the corporate media have sought to incite public fear with claims that only prompt action by police-security forces spared Canadians from a series of atrocities plotted by a group of 17 Al Qaeda-inspired terrorists. Jones argues that a very different story emerges from a close reading of Canadian press reports: the Toronto group's every move was being closely monitored by the state. Security forces long had sufficient incriminating evidence to arrest many or all of the 17, but did not do so, preferring to 'smash the terrorist plot' at a time of their choosing and in a manner suited to their and the government's purposes. When some of the group allegedly did seek to obtain materials to make a sizeable bomb, those with whom they contracted to take a shipment of ammonium nitrate fertiliser were undercover police operatives."