'In God We Trust' Will Move from Edge of New Coins

January 3, 2008

Author: Adelle M. Banks

Source: Religion News Service


WASHINGTON (RNS) The national motto "In God We Trust" will move from the edge of new dollar coins honoring U.S. presidents to the front or back of the currency.

A provision in the $555 billion domestic spending bill for 2008, which President Bush signed into law on Dec. 26, calls for the change to take place "as soon as is practicable." Greg Hernandez, a spokesman for the U.S. Mint, said the change will occur in 2009.

The Mint began producing presidential one-dollar coins in 2007, honoring George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the first four presidents. The words "In God We Trust" were placed along the edge of the coins, as instructed by Congress, Hernandez said.