"Ghanaia Katrina Hurricane Relief Project" Launched by United Sikhs

September 1, 2005

Source: United Sikhs


On September 1, 2005 the United Sikhs issued a Press Release stating: "UNITED SIKHS has deployed a relief team and is in the process of procuring supplies for the areas worst hit by hurricane Katrina in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Albama where thousands are feared dead, hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless and where millions are without power and adequate resources. The Gurdwara Sahib New Orleans is submerged and some 50 Sikh families from New Orleans and the outlying areas have been evacuated and are living in temporary homes. The UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Katrina base camp has been set up in Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana, 85 miles from New Orleans. Sumir Kaur, president of the Gurdwara Sahib New Orleans has joined forces with UNITED SIKHS and is leading UNITED SIKHS' relief efforts from the base camp. UNITED SIKHS volunteer Talvinder Singh, from New Jersey, who is assisting Sumir Kaur, will be joined by other volunteers this weekend, to mobilize support and assistance for the Sikh sangat and other communities living in the affected areas."