Germany Foils 'Massive' Bomb Plot

September 5, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: BBC News

Three men have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning a "massive" attack on US facilities in the country, officials have said.

Federal prosecutor Monika Harms said the three had trained at camps in Pakistan and procured some 700kg (1,500lbs) of chemicals for explosives.

She said the accused had sought to target facilities visited by Americans, such as nightclubs, pubs or airports.

Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung said the men had posed "an imminent threat".

Media reports said the men were planning attacks against a US military base in Ramstein and Frankfurt airport.

The US praised the actions of the German government and said the incident showed everyone needed to be vigilant in finding "terrorists".

German government sources have told the BBC they believe at least seven members of the cell are still at large.