Genocide Issue Still in Flux for ADL

August 23, 2007

Author: Keith O'Brien

Source: The Boston Globe

Under pressure from local board members, the national Anti-Defamation League will reconsider its refusal to support a congressional resolution on the Armenian genocide, the organization's national director said yesterday.

The decision to reexamine this issue was made a day after the director, Abraham H. Foxman, issued a statement saying that the ADL believed the congressional resolution to be "a counterproductive diversion."

But the ADL regional board forced the issue to the forefront yesterday when it met at a synagogue in Chestnut Hill and voted in favor of bringing back its fired regional leader, Andrew H. Tarsy, as well as placing the congressional resolution on the national policy-making agenda.

Foxman declined to say yesterday if he would rehire Tarsy or if he even met with him during his daylong visit to Boston. But he said the ADL's national policy-making body would take up the issue of the congressional resolution at its next meeting, beginning Nov. 1 in New York City, as the regional board requested.