"Generation Joshua" Teaches Conservative Campaigning

August 15, 2004

Source: The Boston Globe


On August 15, 2004 The Boston Globe reported, "this election season, one segment of the homeschool population aims to turn its students into a political force. Last February, a predominately conservative Christian homeschooling organization called the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) launched 'Generation Joshua,' a Web-based program that aims to teach civics by putting 4,000 homeschooled kids on the campaign trail. The students will be sent out in 'Student Action Teams,' ranging in size from 25 to 200, to do grass-roots campaigning for socially conservative candidates in hotly contested races throughout the country. Not only must these candidates be supporters of homeschooling, but they must also fall in line with other core values held by the HSLDA... One of the program's first campaign efforts in support of Nathan Tabor's bid for the Republican nomination for North Carolina's 5th Congressional District seat ended in a loss. But director Ned Ryun says that Generation Joshua will be campaigning for many other Republican politicians this fall, including President Bush."