Gang Violence Emerging in Some Parts of the South Asian Diaspora

April 13, 2006

Source: INDOLink

On April 13, 2006 INDOLink reported, "A new gangster culture is emerging in certain enclaves of the South Asian diaspora. Increasingly, the violence of guns, drugs, and honor killings involving South Asians are being reported from the United States, Canada, Britain, Malaysia, and Thailand. And it’s a culture of violence that appears to be the Desi community’s worst kept secret... Mimicking the tough street hustlers among the inner city youth, South Asian American gangs are to be found in Jersey City and Edison, in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, and in Brooklyn's Midwood area, reports Ana Arana in the Village Voice... According to community activists, the gangs are loosely organized and do not engage in heavy criminal activities as Indo-Canadian gangs do. But they suggest that there are deeper issues of alienation and identity crisis... CBC Network News reporter Natalie Clancy notes, ‘In terms of organized crime, police say the East Indian gangs are small players who get a lot of attention only because they are so brazenly violent.’ She adds, ‘these gangsters get into shootouts on the street regularly, sometimes over nothing more than a dirty look or a love triangle.’ The head of British Columbia’s Integrated Gang Task Force provides a glimpse into the violent world of South Asian Canadian gangs, saying the body count for the last six years alone numbers 60 people."