Friendship Between Mosque and Temple in Hyderabad Goes Back 20 Years

December 16, 2003

Source: The Times of India

On December 16, 2003 The Times of India reported, "Standing side by side on the corner of a road at IS Sadan, Saidabad, a temple and a masjid have become a lasting example of communal harmony in the bustling locality. A deep and long-standing friendship between the purohit and the mouzan has made that possible. The mouzan, Syed Pahelwan Ali takes off his sandals, and walks into the temple to greet the purohit, Durgadas. They exchange greetings as childhood friends would do. It began on one Vinayak Chavithi day 20 years ago. A purohit started worshipping a small idol of Ganesha at that place. There was just a flag indicating the Muslim place of worship beside it. Instead of becoming adversaries, the purohit and mouzan became good friends. A temple came up beside the mosque."