French Catholic Church Warns Against Muslim Veil Ban

February 1, 2010

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Star Online

Wire Service: Reuters

The French Catholic Church warned Paris on Monday against banning Muslim full-face veils and said France must respect the rights of its Muslims if it wanted Islamic countries to do the same fo r their Christian minorities.

Bishop Michel Santier, the top French Catholic official for interreligious dialogue, said very few women here wore full veils and Muslim leaders agreed it was not obligatory in Islam.


A parliamentary commission last week urged the National Assembly to pass a non-binding resolution condemning full veils and then work out a law banning them. Deputies say a total ban may not be legal but certain limits could be approved.

If Paris passed a law, Santier said, "the result could be the opposite of what is desired and lead to a reaction that increases the number of women wearing this garment.