Frankenmuth Says No to Removing Cross

May 7, 2008

Author: Dave Kinchen

Source: NBC-25

The hot political issue in Mid-Michigan is all about religion. A group asked the Frankenmuth City Coucil to remove the cross from it’s shield, a request that the council members denied.

In a packed council meeting, residents and non-residents lined up to either attack or defend the Lutheran cross displayed on the city’s shield. Lloyd Clark, a Frankenmuth resident, led the fight against the shield "It is a fact that in Frankenmuth, well meaning people placed a symbol on the city seal which reflects a statement of Christianity, more specifically Lutheranism. Therefore, I request that the Lutheran Cross be deleted from the city shield as soon as possible."

He was joined by Arlene Marie, head of Michigan Atheists and leaders from American’s United for Separation of Church and State Michigan. Marie said "The City shield with it's Lutheran rose (does not) reflect religious diversity."

But, one by one, residents came to the shields defense. Wally Bronner’s son Wayne spoke of the day he learned of Mr. Clark’s issue with the cross, it was a day after burying his father. "Opened up the Saginaw News and I read that Mr. Clark had some kind of issue with the City shield. Said he wanted it removed. I was feeling down, but I must admit it felt like someone punched me in the gut while I was down."