Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance to Organize Festival in Indiana

July 13, 2003

Source: The Associated Press

On July 13, 2003 The Associated Press reported that "Elizabeth Markey wants people to know pagans do not turn people into toads and put spells on people... Markey, co-founder of the Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance, said she and others like her practice an Earth-based religion that is often misunderstood by people... 'We're just like everyone else,' Markey said. 'We're doctors, lawyers, nurses. But you'd be surprised how many people ask me those kinds of questions...' Markey says she is one of hundreds of pagans _ an umbrella term for witches, Wiccans and Druids _ in Fort Wayne... Also, the Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance and the IPFW Pagan Student Alliance are planning to host a pagan festival this year during the pagan harvest holidays, from August to October."