Former Senior Metropolitan Police Officer Calls for Muslim Helpline to Tackle Extremism

March 18, 2009

Author: Riazat Butt

Source: The Guardian

A former senior Metropolitan police officer, Tarique Ghaffur, has called for a national Muslim helpline to encourage parents to inform on their radicalised children.

The recommendation is one of several he will make tonight in a public address at Leicester University, where he will present his ideas on fighting extremism and radicalisation in Muslim communities.

Ghaffur, who was the most senior Muslim police officer in Britain until his retirement last November, will also propose that gagging orders be placed on extremists who appear on mainstream television channels and in public gatherings and for mosques to show civic leadership by encouraging Muslims to join uniformed services.

In his lecture, entitled Leadership in Public Life, he will say: "The Muslim Council of Britain, which is the leadership umbrella body for many Muslims in Britain, should as matter of urgency seek legal advice regarding extremists.