Former Marseilles Mufti to Join Woman-Led Prayers in Toronto

February 15, 2006

Source: Muslim Wake Up!

On February 15, 2006 Muslim Wake Up! reported, "A leading Muslim scholar of France, the former Mufti of Marseilles, Soheib Bencheikh, will be in Toronto on Sunday, February 19, where he will address a press conference on the issue of the Danish Cartoons and the role of Muslims in Europe.

Mufti Soheib Bencheikh will also participate in the mid-day Zuhr prayers after the press conference which will be led by Pamela Taylor, Co-Chair of the Progressive Muslim Union of North America.

The former Mufti of Marseilles specifically asked Pamela Taylor to lead the prayers as a gesture to demonstrate his support for gender-equity in Islam and women-led prayer as a step in the empowering of Muslim women."