Following Pentagon’s Report of Qur'an Descration, MPAC Calls for Congressional Inquiry

June 5, 2005

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council press release

On June 5, 2005 a Muslim Public Affairs Council press release reported, "It is clear in the hearts and minds of Muslims worldwide, including American Muslims, that a segment of our military finds profaning all things Islamic as an acceptable tactic in fighting the war on terror... MPAC is calling on Congress to establish a national commission to investigate these violations and include members of the American Muslim community on the commission. American Muslims, who have a distinct understanding of the Muslim world, have been diligently trying to assist government policy efforts in the war on terror but have been rebuffed to date for reasons that are puzzling to us. Such a commission would be a first step in repairing the damage of our nation's image in the Muslim world and allow American Muslims to constructively contribute to our nations policy."