"First Time Sikh Participation At South East European Prayer Breakfast," a Commentary by Simran Singh Khalsa

July 13, 2009

Author: Simran Singh Khalsa

Source: SikhNet


A group of 150 dignitaries and friends from 18 countries came together from May 22-24 in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 6th Annual South East European Prayer Gathering.

I was honored to be the first Sikh representative to attend, and joined our Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim 6th Annual South-Eastern European Prayer Gathering brothers and sisters to pray for tolerance and peace in the Balkans.

We met in a region that just a few years ago was overwhelmed by an unthinkable religious war. While there is no strong Sikh presence in the area, given the Sikhs' history, it seemed like an important place to contribute in prayer.

In content, the event mirrored the US National Prayer Breakfast, which has taken place in Washington, DC for over 50 years. In South Eastern Europe, it is organized by senior regional leaders and the US Congressmen and Senators who sponsor the US gathering. Turnout was impressive, with government representatives from the Balkans, Europe, Russia, and North America joining together to reflect and pray.