First Muslim Woman Graduates from Prince William Police Academy

January 26, 2006

Source: The Washington Post

On January 26, 2006 The Washington Post reported, "The latest graduates of the Prince William County Criminal Justice Academy are its most diverse. Almost half speak a second language. One can build a computer from scratch. Another can organize a museum exhibition. One is a former all-conference basketball player. Another is a Sunday school teacher. There's also a skeet shooter... New graduate Sara Khan is the force's first Muslim woman... Khan stands out for many reasons: her caramel skin with its delicate features, her youth (she turned 21 while at the academy) and her beliefs -- one that keeps her from joining colleagues for a beer after work and another that requires her to pray five times a day, although she modifies that to meet her work schedule... Born in Pakistan and fluent in Urdu and English, Khan came to Virginia when she was 11. Like many children who speak a foreign language in a place suddenly flung into diversity, she had to translate for other Pakistani children -- telling school officials if they were being bullied or were frightened... Khan is a link between two worlds. According to Prince William County schools, the languages of predominantly Muslim countries -- Urdu, Arabic and Farsi -- are the fastest-growing dialects spoken at home, after Spanish, among county students."

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