First Muslim Student Organization Created at Radford University

April 25, 2006

Source: The Tartan

On April 25, 2006 The Tartan reported, "Radford University has over 200 clubs, including 18 religious organizations. Sixteen are affiliated with Christianity, one with Judaism and one with alternative religions. Until recently, there had not been any Islamic groups that have lasted at RU. The Islamic Cultural Association (ICA) will make its debut in the fall semester, bringing more religious diversity to RU. Being the second largest religion in the world, behind Christianity, the Islamic faith is by no means a minority. 'There are over one billion Muslims in the world, yet Islam is probably the most misunderstood of the three monotheistic religions,' Dr. Reginald Shareef, RU professor, said... The group’s founder, Omar Hossino, and 20 other interested Muslim students hope to promote, inform and, above all, dissolve stereotypes and misapprehensions about the Islamic religion."