First Faith Audit for Wales

March 16, 2007

Author: Jennifer Gold

Source: Christian Today

The major contribution made by thousands of faith communities to Welsh society is to be quantified in the nation’s first faith audit.

The audit, “Counting for our communities,” will survey the voluntary work carried out by faith communities for the benefit of people outside their congregations, assessing the economic value of this work.

It will also look at the use made of their buildings, the aspirations of faith communities in this regard and the contacts they already have with Government.

The project, which aims to report back at the end of the year, is led by Evangelical Alliance Wales initiative Gweini--the Council of the Christian Voluntary Sector in Wales--in partnership with the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), and is backed by the Welsh Assembly.

John Evans, Project Manager, said: “Faith communities provide many important services which governments have difficulty in offering--promoting social inclusion, reaching out to people on the margins of society and building up young people to become leaders of their communities."