First American Muslim Festival Held in Salt Lake City

September 6, 2003

Source: Deseret News (UT)

On September 6, 2003 the Deseret News reported on Salt Lake City's first American Muslim Festival, organized by Ghulam Hasnain, a Salt Lake City resident. "He has assembled an impressive list: student and community groups, ethnic artists and musicians and Middle Eastern, Asian, African American and European vendors will form a Muslim marketplace unlike anything the Gallivan Center has ever hosted. Sunday's festival, Hasnain emphasized, is not only for Muslims. [Kathryn] Schramm [a Christian friend of Hasnain] is helping him spread that message, inviting her Highland neighbors and putting up fliers around town. 'You can go out of curiosity,' she said, and out of a basic interest in people, culture and faith. Along with food and music, Hasnain has assembled a mix of speakers. They represent a range of religious backgrounds, from LDS to Jewish. Among them is Utah Rep. David Litvack, D-Salt Lake."