Fire Leaves Buddhist Temple Ruined

February 22, 2008


Source: The Buddhist Channel/Sun Media,5947,0,0,1,0

A blaze that sent worshippers fleeing out the back door of a Northeast London Buddhist temple has left many elderly Cambodians with no place to gather. For seven years, the Khmer Buddhist Temple has served as a sort of community centre for many Cambodians who arrived in the 1980s but until 2001 would gather to worship in a rented two-bedroom apartment.

“It is very important to the elders. It is more than just a temple, it is where they go,” said Born Heng, a Cambodian Londoner who was “so sad” to hear news of the $100,000 fire.

Firefighters say the blaze started from “unattended worship materials” in front of the temple, a former home at 2489 Fanshawe Park Road.