Film Documents the Road to Trust at Interfaith Camp

December 13, 2003

Source: Raleigh News and Observer,1626,ECP_782_2499592,

On December 13, 2003 Raleigh News and Observer reported that "Trust Me," a documentary on the first Elk Shoals Interfaith Camp, organized in response to 9/11, will soon be aired on Showtime. The summer camp "brings together 32 boys, ages 9 to 13 - Christians from Ashe County and environs, Jews from Charlotte, Muslims from Greensboro. But the interfaith exercise also featured an armed sheriff's deputy providing security, kosher hot-dog roasts, Muslim prayers five times a day and an enthusiastic Baptist activities director." The Rev. Pete Parish, who runs Elk Shoals United Methodist Camp in West Jefferson, N.C, had first conceived of bringing together children from Northern Ireland in the same camp. It was only after Sept. 11 that he decided that children much closer to home needed to engage in dialogue and work towards tolerance.