Film About Sikhs Post 9/11 Acclaimed the World Over

March 28, 2006

Source: The Press Trust of India

On March 28, 2006 The Press Trust of India reported, "A film by an Indian-American depicting the story of a Sikh faced with the post 9/11 realities is being appreciated in international movie circles. The film 'The Gold Bracelet' by Hollywood based Indian actor and film producer Kavi Raz [recently] won the best feature drama award at the Cinequest, ranked among the top ten film festivals in the world... At a private screening at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, Raz was given a standing ovation for the film. Written, produced, directed and also starring Raz himself, the film pays tribute to the many victims of the 9/11 aftermath... Raz said in an e-mail interview that they had been invited to several other film festivals. 'We are currently in talks with mainstream Hollywood distribution companies about a release of the film. We plan to release the film in India also, but no distribution deals have been signed as yet,' he says. Set against the 9/11 tragedy, the story centers around an American Sikh family as they come to terms with being turban-bearing Sikhs in America at a time when the country is plagued with fears of terrorism."