Federal Treasurer Calls for Return to Judeo-Christian Values

July 11, 2004

Source: SBS-The World News


On July 11, 2004 SBS-The World News reported, "Jewish community leaders have welcomed comments by the Federal Treasurer, calling on the public to return to traditional values based on the Judeo Christian code. Peter Costello says religious faith can provide young people with strong values to guide their lives in the right direction. And he says values such as a respect for life and for property are preached in all the major religious faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Jeremy Jones says political leaders have a responsibility to promote strong moral values...The national president of the Uniting Church in Australia, Dr. Dean Drayton, declined to comment on the Treasurer's comments. Dr. Drayton says in an election year, he would prefer the public to make its own judgement on the issue, rather than having religious leaders enter the political debate."