Federal Review Concludes that Profiling Was Used in Counterterrorism Efforts

October 7, 2005

Source: The Star-Ledger


On October 7, 2005 The Star-Ledger reported, "A confidential federal review has concluded that the state's counterterrorism agents filed 140 intelligence reports into a crime-fighting database with no grounds for suspicion other than the suspects' Muslim faith.

The report, issued this week, backs state police contentions that the computer entries made by New Jersey's Office of Counter-Terrorism amounted to improper profiling of suspects. Because of this concern, state police had barred counterterrorism agents from making entries into the database and on Monday removed 14 troopers who had been assigned to that office... Counter-Terrorism Director Sidney Caspersen has denied his agency was profiling suspects. Instead, he said, the reports were simply incomplete and state police officials who oversee the database had drawn the wrong conclusions."