FBI Reaches Out to Community to Prevent Hate Crimes

June 16, 2003

Source: The Pew Forum


On June 16, 2003 The Pew Forum reported that "addressing a gathering of imams from mosques across the country, an FBI official has pledged to initiate more outreach programs to American Arabs and Muslims... FBI Civil Rights Division chief Tom Reynolds addressed a conference of roughly 300 imams, or Muslim religious leaders, who were gathered in Alexandria, Va., in early June for a four-day conference... Investigating hate crimes against Muslims is the 'No. 1 priority' of his office, Reynolds said... Four hundred and eighty-four cases of hate crimes have been reported since Sept. 11, 2001, he said, with a rise in numbers after the Iraq war... The FBI has convicted 173 people, and 100 cases are pending, he said... Reynolds stressed that it is terrorists who are targets of FBI investigation, not Muslims."