FBI Probes Mosque Vandalism

May 18, 2007

Author: Gregg Krupa

Source: The Detroit News


DEARBORN -- Police began special law enforcement procedures in the area of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center on Thursday to discourage acts of vandalism, after a fourth incident since late last year occurred at the mosque Wednesday morning.

The FBI is investigating the latest event, in which the words "center of the party of Satan" were painted in Arabic on the front and back of the mosque where mostly Shi'a Muslims, who emigrated from Iraq in the early 1990s, worship.

"I personally called the FBI," said Mayor Jack O'Reilly. "We have no tolerance for any of this activity and we are taking this very seriously.

"We are on guard and pursuing the investigation," Reilly added.

Federal authorities say the FBI is pursuing the case and investigating other instances of vandalism in recent months at mosques and a Christian church where people of Arab descent worship.